Leave your expectations behind and pack only a sense of adventure. Immerse into safari life where you taste local flavours, migrate with the herds, interact with nature and identify big bull elephants. This journey starts and ends in Kilimanjaro.

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Meet & greet from Legendary Expeditions team followed by an airport transfer (1 hour) to Legendary Lodge.

Legendary Lodge.

Arusha, tanzania

Legendary Lodge


A beautiful, tranquil coffee plantation in lush gardens. The perfect place to regroup before safari.

After breakfast transfer (20 minutes) to Arusha Airport.

Fly to the northern Serengeti on a scheduled charter to access the Migrational Camps. If staying at Nyasi fly to Lamai Airstrip (north of the Mara River). alternatively if staying at Songa fly to Kogatende Airstrip (south of the Mara River).

Upon landing you will be met by your Legendary Expeditions guide and your private 4x4 safari vehicle for a game drive (45 minutes) to either Nyasi or Songa Migrational Camp.

Nyasi or Songa Migrational Camp.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Migrational Camps

3 Nights

A beautiful, traditional tented camp that moves with the migration within the Serengeti eco-system ensuring prime locations to witness the migration throughout the year. Guests enjoy a private safari vehicle and local guide to witness the beauty of the Serengeti plains.

Game drive (45 minutes) to either Lamai or Kogatende Airstrips.

Schedule charter flight from North Serengeti to the Mwiba Airstrip.

Meet and greet on the airstrip by your private guide and safari vehicle, followed by a short (30 minute) game drive transfer to Mwiba Lodge.

Mwiba Lodge

MWIBA wildlife reserve, tanzania

Mwiba Lodge


Mwiba Lodge offers an unmatched experience in luxury adventure with Mila being an authentic canvas safari, both with diverse safari activities including 4×4 day and night game drives, bush walks, bush sundowners and a rich and authentic cultural interaction with Hadza and Da’toga.

Mid morning game drive (30 minutes) to Mwiba Airstrip.

Scheduled charter flight from the Mwiba to Chem Chem Airstrip.

Meet and greet by your private guide and vehicle and quick transfer (10 minutes) to Chem Chem Lodge.

Chem Chem Lodge.

Burunge Wildlife Management Area

Chem Chem Lodge


A private big game safari experience within elegant yet authentic tented safari accommodation. Explore the private concession by 4×4 or on foot or head out on a conservation safari with the anti-poaching team.

Take a 3-hour road transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport.

From Kilimanjaro International Airport, depart for your flight home.

Combine privacy and adventure at Legendary Expeditions with a Chem Chem ‘slow safari’ for the ultimate northern circuit safari in northern Tanzania. Enjoy 10 nights of exclusive access to some of the best privately protected areas in Tanzania, away from the crowds.

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