Congo Conservation Company

Odzala-Kokoua National Park

From gorillas and elephants to bongo and blue turaco, this is a rainforest discovery like no other.

Here you explore the magnitude and sheer beauty of the Congo Basin in safety, with 3 exceptional camps and a venture to Dzanga-Sangha baï.


Most people get confused between the 2 Congos. There is Congo (previously the French Congo and also called Congo-Brazzaville), and there is the DRC, or the Democratic Republic of Congo (was the Belgian Congo and also known as Congo-Kinshasa).


If you think you know Africa, come to the Congo for a perspective-altering experience. Here, your mind is blown by the sheer vastness of the Congo Basin as your lungs are filled by the freshest air in the world. Between rainforests, savannahs, rivers, mineral-rich baïs and swamps, you undertake an epic adventure of gorilla-tracking, game drives, boating, kayaking, forest walking, and river-wading to discover rare and endangered species.

Congo Conservation Company offers the only opportunity to discover the Congo Basin with a variety of life-changing, easy to book journeys, with three unique camps in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. For those seeking a truly unique safari, consider a 7, 10 or 11-night immersive discovery where every aspect of your journey is taken care of.

With a minimum stay of 7-nights at Odzala, a 4-night expedition style extension can be added to reach Dzanga-Sangha bai in Central African Republic. The journey of a charter flight and an epic boat trip on the Sangha River provides convenient access to one of the most iconic Congo Basin experiences, Dzanga-Sangha bai. 

Working together with communities, researchers and the Congolese government, international business woman and philanthropist, Mrs. Sabine Plattner funded the first low-impact tourism model in Odzala-Kokoua National Park through the establishment of Congo Conservation Company in 2008. Mrs. Plattner has been actively involved in the preservation and viability of Africa’s rainforests for over a decade, with a positive impact being felt not only within the Congo, but spreading across the Congo Basin.



7-night Odzala Discovery:
US$ 13 785 per person

10 night Odzala Discovery:
US$ 18 545 per person

11 night Odzala Discovery:
US$ 19 900 per person

These are fully inclusive rates: return flights from Brazzaville, accommodation, all meals, drinks, gorilla tracking permits, Park and Conservation Fees.


From Maya Maya Airport in Brazzaville, there is a 2-hour scheduled flight transfer to Mboko airstrip in Odzala-Kokoua National Park every Monday and Thursday.


All Camps & Lodge:
16 years+

These discoveries are only suitable for children 16+ years which is the minimum age for gorilla viewing.

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

What we love

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

Gorilla protection

Committed to research of the Western lowland gorilla.

Rainforest conservation

Preserving a vulnerable rainforest, the “lungs” of our planet.

an epic adventure

This rainforest safari is unlike anything else in Africa.

Discover rare species

Gorillas, forest elephant and buffalo, bongo, sitatunga, monkeys and rare birds. 

Congo Conservation Company

The impact of your stay

Operating in remote parts of Central and West Africa, Congo Conservation Company (CCC) is creating viable, low impact tourism ventures in a pristine natural region to protect it from other, potentially damaging, commercial enterprises. This is achieved through Sabine Plattner African Charities (SPAC) and CCC, joining communities, science and tourism on the grounds of conservation.

Every stay contributes through:

  • Being one of a few hundred tourists to visit this region every year (compared to over 300,000 to the Masai Mara).
  • Paying US$ 140 per person per night Odzala Park and Conservation Fees. This is allocated as: US$ 40 Park Fee, US$ 75 to African Parks for conservation of the park, and a US$ 25 Community Fee.
  • Staying at Ngaga Camp and paying US$ 750 Gorilla Track Fee, which contributes directly to the Western Lowland Gorilla research centre at the camp.
  • Meet the researchers and share feedback on gorilla behaviour noticed during the morning track.
  • Eco-tourism from the camps of Mboko and Lango has contributed through creating, an on-going presence which has led to stability and safety for wildlife.
  • Head out with the guides and collect data from camera traps to analyse animal behaviour.
  • For the Sangha Venture portion, every $ is put back into conservation and communities, and the running of this remote camp is highly valued.
  • Paying US$ 45 (2023) | US$ 85 (2024)  Sangha Park and Conservation Fees per person per day, US$ 110 (2023) | US$ 130 (2024)  Dzanga Bai Platform Fee per person per visit, and US$ 355 (2023) | US$ 470 (2024)  Gorilla Track Fee per person per track.


Classic Portfolio Since 1993


Congo Conservation Company
Camps & Lodge

In the heart of the rainforest

Republic of Congo


Ngaga Camp

In the Ndzehi Concession, adjoining Odzala-Kokoua, Ngaga Camp is a focal point for world-class primate research, as well as unforgettable primate encounters. Overlooking a canopy of primary forest, the unique design of the camp evokes the fun and mystery of childhood treehouses in an ancient and mystical forest.

Ngaga Camp is also home to scientists Magdalena Bermejo and Germán Illera. This is the base camp from which they conduct their gorilla research and conservation. Their constant presence has been successfully accepted by 3 gorilla families which are closely monitored, 2 of which are available for guests to track.

At Ngaga Camp, 6 en-suite rooms are perched in the tree canopy. From here you head straight out into the forest for your gorilla tracking. 

SEASONALITY Open all year.

CHILDREN: 16+ years

Ngaga Camp

6 Rooms

from US$ 1 190 per person per night
All meals and drinks.
Meeting gorilla researchers (when available).
Gorilla tracking (permit additional).
Guided forest walks.
Guided night walks.
Visit to Mbomo village.
WiFi (limited).


Lango Camp

Lango Camp, on the edge of Lango Baï, offers one of the most extraordinary locations of any camp in Africa. Like the front row seat of a Nat-Geo documentary, the mineral rich baï attracts huge flocks of green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as herds of forest buffalo and forest elephants. They congregate in large herds and flocks in front of camp to gather much needed mineral salts.

The whole camp is built on elevated platforms and has 6 en-suite rooms perfectly positioned on the edge of the forest with views over the baï.

Here you explore the baïs, forests and natural elephant corridors on foot with experienced guides.

SEASONALITY: Open all year.

CHILDREN: 16+ years

Lango Camp

6 Rooms

from US$ 1 190 per person per night
All meals and drinks.
Guided forest walks.
Guided baï explorations.
River kayaking.
WiFi (limited).


Mboko Camp

A combination of wide-open grasslands, gentle rivers and towering forests result in a place of peace and adventure, in equal measure. Explore on foot, by vehicle and by boat. The closest of the camps to the private airstrip, Mboko is the epicentre of the Congo Conservation Company tourism operations.

At Mboko Camp, activities are a combination of walking, boating and kayaking through some of the Congo Basin’s most beautiful habitats. Short drives may be required between experiences. 

The 6 en-suite rooms are all located in the tree-line and overlook a fresh river, the perfect swimming spot to cool off on a hot day.

SEASONALITY: Open all year

CHILDREN: 16+ years

Mboko Camp

6 Rooms

from US$ 1 135 per person per night
All meals and drinks.
Meeting African Parks representatives (when available).
Guided forest walks.
Guided baï explorations.
River kayaking.
River swimming.
Massages (extra cost).
WiFi (limited).

Odzala Discovery

7-nights fully inclusive itinerary

US$ 13 785 per person
Accommodation, meals and drinks.
Return flights from Brazza to Odzala.
Gorilla tracking permits.
Brazza airport meet and greet.
Brazza city tour including lunch.
All conservation, community and park fees.

7-night discovery package

Odzala Discovery

The most popular discovery of Odzala-Kokoua, this is the perfect balance to experience a little bit of everything the Congo has to offer.

3 x nights at Ngaga Camp. Includes 2 gorilla treks and time with researchers. 

2 x nights Lango Camp. Arrive via kayak, and walk up the Lango Baï as the sun is setting.

2 x nights Mboko Camp. Experience forest walks, river swimming, boat cruises, and baï walks. 

Start & End: Brazzaville on a Monday or Thursday.

SEASONALITY: Available all year

CHILDREN: 16+ years

Central African Republic

Sangha Venture

Based on 1-8 guests

US$ 12 900 one way access Odzala-Sangha, plus the per person per night rate at Sangha Lodge
PLUS US$ 1 135 pppn accommodation, meals and drinks.
Explore th Sangha River.
Visit Dzanga-Sangha baï (Extra)
Discover Valley of the Gaints (Extra).
Go net hunting with the Ba'aka (Extra).
Gorilla tracking (Extra).
Mangabey tracking (Extra).

7-nights Odzala & 4-nights sangha

Sangha Venture

In conjunction with 7-nights at Odzala Discovery Camps, an add on expedition-style adventure is offered to Central African Republic. This privately guided add-on to Sangha Lodge includes a 45-minute charter flight from Odzala to Kabo, and a 4 hour boat journey on the Sangha River (with remote immigration posts along the river banks). From here you are able to access one of the Congo Basins most iconic baïs, Dzanga-Sangha.   

3 x nights at Ngaga Camp. With 2 gorilla treks and time with researchers. 

2 x nights Lango Camp. Arrive via kayak and walk up the Lango Baï as the sun is setting.

1 x night Mboko Camp. Experience forest walks, river swimming, boat cruises and baï walks. 

4 x nights Sangha Eco-Lodge. The arrival at Sangha is half the reason to go. Once at the lodge, days are filled with visiting Dzanga-Sangha Baï, forest walks and net hunting with the Ba’aka.

1 x night Mboko Camp. Return from Sangha to Mboko and connect onwards to Brazzaville.

Start & End: Brazzaville on a Thursday.

SEASONALITY: Open all year

CHILDREN: 16+ years

Congo Conservation Company

Group Booking Incentive

Bring a group (8+ guests) to Odzala and take advantage of a tactical incentive with big savings on the accommodation portion and a special host/guide rate.

This exceptional special group rate is available throughout 2023 for 7-, 10- , & 11-night Odzala Discoveries.

VALID: until 31 December 2023

Congo Conservation Company
featured journey

11 Night Odzala Discovery

The ultimate exploration in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park.

Congo Conservation Company

Getting there


International flights arrive at Maya Maya Airport (Brazzaville) where guests are met and assisted by a member of the Odzala team. For guests who require a night in Brazzaville, we recommend the Radisson Blu. CCC offers a guided city tour.

Every Monday & Thursday a 2-hour scheduled flight operates between Brazzaville and Mboko Airstrip in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. The flight departs Brazzaville at 1pm, arriving at Mboko by 3pm. The return flight departs Mboko at 9am, arriving in Brazzaville by 11am. 

Baggage restriction is 15kgs per person in soft bags (inclusive of hand luggage).

Private charter flights can be arranged for other days of the week.


Getting to Ngaga Camp


Upon arriving at Mboko Airstrip guests are met by the CCC team and transferred in an open safari vehicle on a 2-hour drive through Odzala-Kokoua National Park to the Ndzehi Conecession.  


Getting to Mboko Camp


Mboko Camp is the central camp and hub of all CCC operations. 

It is only a 15-minute drive from the airstrip to Mboko Camp.  

From Ngaga Camp to Mboko Camp it is a 2-hour drive.


Getting to Lango Camp


Mboko to Lango Camps must be one of the best camp arrivals in Africa.

From Mboko Camp, there is a short drive to the river followed by a 1-hour kayak downstream to the start of Lango Baï. Here, the kayaks are parked and you walk up the baï and into camp.   

Lango to Mboko Camp is 30 minute drive, followed by a beautiful 1km walk across a wooden path over a swamp, which comes out at Mboko Camp.


Getting to Sangha Ventures


In conjunction with 7-nights at Odzala Discovery camps and add-on expedition style adventure is offered to Central African Republic. 

This access is based on an expedition rate for 1-8 guests. 

Charter flight from Mboko Airstrip (Odzala) to Kabo Airstrip (north of Ouesso and on the Sangha River), in Republic of Congo. From here, a wonderful 4-hour boat transfer takes you up the Sangha River to Sangha Lodge in Central African Republic. A Congo Conservation Company guide accompanies all transfers, and border formalities are managed along the river.

This is a true journey of discovery.

Return the same way, heading downstream by boat to Kabo, then a scheduled flight to Odzala (Sundays and Wednesdays), and a charter flight back to Brazzaville (Monday & Thursday).




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Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. Based in Cape Town.