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São Tomé and príncipe

With geo-coordinates 1°N,7°E, São Tomé and Príncipe, the second-smallest country in Africa, is located at the centre of the world.

Here you discover three unique hotels and can partake in a journey of discovery through an intimate experience with nature, on the very edge of the ocean, surrounded by tropical rainforest. 


Created by volcanic activity more than 30 million years ago, these striking islands rise out of the Gulf of Guinea and the vibrant rainforests are amongst the most biodiverse on the planet. In particular, Príncipe, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is home to several endemic terrestrial and marine species.

Sometimes called the Galapagos of Africa, São Tomé and Príncipe do not fall short in comparison. The avifauna of these two African islands hold a whopping 27 endemic species, while the famous Galapagos hold 21 in an area that is eight times larger.

For travellers seeking to discover this tiny paradise, HBD Príncipe offers a fully curated experience: from three hotels and guided activities, to a travel desk team committed to planning the perfect itinerary.

Hidden away, Sundy Praia is a nature lovers’ paradise on the island of Príncipe. Birdsong fills the tropical rainforest, golden beaches are gently caressed by a warm sea, and the island is brought to life through rich culture and history. Príncipe is steeped in rich history and culture, and a visit to Roça Sundy transports you back in time as not only will you sleep in a lovingly-restored old plantation house, but it is also the site where Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was proven in 1919. Head out on a tour of the plantation and taste the cacao fruit to learn how this little island nation was once one of the world’s biggest cocoa producers.

From space to paradise, the South African entrepreneur, philanthropist and space traveller Mark Shuttleworth’s HBD Príncipe is developing sustainable ecotourism experiences on Príncipe Island. HBD Príncipe is not only committed to the economic growth of Príncipe but also to ensuring every guest becomes an ambassador to the islands.



Omali Lodge:
€ 210 – € 320
per room per night

Roça Sundy:
€ 225 – € 410
per person per night

Sundy Praia:
€ 620 – € 850
per person per night


From Europe connect via Lisbon on TAP.

From USA, UAE and Africa connect via Accra, Ghana.  4 x per week connecting flights to São Tomé.

Six flights weekly between São Tomé and Príncipe with STP Airways (not available on Tuesdays).


All HBD Hotels
All ages

A fantastic family getaway for the adventurous types. Kids will learn about the history of the islands and its people while exploring the jungles and beaches, and tasting the freshest of chocolate.

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

What we love

Classic Portfolio Since 1993


Most people have never heard of this country let alone able to locate it on a map.


Birdlife includes at least 27 endemic species, while the famous Galapagos hold 21 in an area that is eight times larger.


Stay for 7-nights or more for a complete HBD immersion with guided experiences and unique stays across three hotels on the two islands.


HBD’s mission is to become a global inspiration through sustainable integrated ecotourism, agroforestry, support services, and social initiatives.

HBD Príncipe

The impact of your stay

HBD Príncipe has a mission to preserve and enhance the ecosystem of Príncipe and the surrounding waters and islets. This is achieved by contributing to the sustainable development of the economy, infrastructure, tourism, agroforestry and fisheries, and by stimulating the well-being, potential and creativity of its people.

São Tomé and Príncipe receives fewer than 35 000 tourists on an annual basis, with even fewer making it to the smaller of the two islands, Príncipe. The economic impact of every traveller positively contributes to the local communities and natural environment by providing an alternative to more extractive practices through high-value low-impact tourism.

Every stay contributes through:

  • Paying Euro 25 per person (13+ years; 12 years and under is free of charge) per day Conservation & Communities Contribution.
  • 100% of the contribution supports the HBD vision and commitment to sustainable operations, which include being stewards of the island through environmental protection and conservation efforts.
  • Through paying the contribution you are also supporting the local nonprofit Fundação Príncipe, which is dedicated to the island’s conservation and protection of biodiversity.
  • Partaking in guided experiences with local guides who have been trained by HBD Príncipe. This supports both local communities as well as the preservation of the natural environment.
  • Enjoying meals at Sundy Praia and Roça Sundy, which supports the farming operations of Paciência, HBD’s organic agricultural operations. Menus are designed using as much local produce as possible.
  • On forest walks, get involved in searching for endemic bird species some of which are considered critically endangered. Tourism interest drives awareness among Santomeans and gains local support for conservation. These species are now being promoted as symbols of forest conservation in the islands.
  • Engage with the communities through eating out in restaurants in the capital city Santo António (the smallest capital city in the world).
  • During turtle laying and hatching season, join the checking of nests and view the turtles. Primarily, 3 types of turtle use these beaches for nesting.


Classic Portfolio Since 1993


HBD Príncipe

Discover the island life

Príncipe Island

Sundy Praia

Creating the perfect balance between nature, design and comfort, Sundy Praia’s tented villas have spacious indoor and outdoor areas and private terraces with easy access to the beach.

The pool bar with the infinity pool and relaxed style is the epicentre of activity during the day, while the magnificently designed bamboo dining area is where local organic produce is transformed into an unforgettable culinary journey. 

All 14 villas are built with natural eco-friendly materials. Choose from 8 one-bedroom forest villas, 4 two-bedroom beachfront villas, or 2 three-bedroom beachfront villas. Each is en-suite with a lounge and wraparound terrace area. The 3-bedroom villa also has a plunge pool to enjoy in the privacy of your own space.  

SEASONALITY: Open all year

CHILDREN: All ages welcome

Sundy Praia

14 Tented Villas

from € 620 per person
Breakfast and dinner.
House drinks.
1 daily half-day activity.
30-minute welcome massage.
Airport transfers.

Príncipe Island

Roça Sundy

At Roça Sundy, the history of Príncipe comes alive. Stay in one of two perfectly-restored plantation houses: Eclipse, the main house of the roça and home to the restaurant and bar, or Cacao, her contemporary sister. Old memories and fascinating history combine at Roça and guests will share this extraordinary experience with the local community who still live, work and go to school here.

Eclipse House, with 6 rooms, has 3 panoramic view rooms on the first floor, 2 of which can be inter-leading. The ground floor has the 3 remaining rooms, 1 suite and 2 yard rooms, as well as the restaurant and bar. Cacao House has one suite, and 4 each of yard and panoramic view rooms.   

SEASONALITY: Open all year

CHILDREN: All ages welcome

Roça Sundy

15 Rooms

from € 225 per person per night
Breakfast and dinner.
House drinks.
1 daily half-day activity.
Airport transfers.

São Tomé

Omali Lodge

Perfectly situated close to the airport, the capital centre, and the beach, Omali Lodge is the natural choice for those who want to visit the island. The lodge has 30 rooms across Classic Rooms, Premier Rooms, Suites, and Family Rooms. 

Omali, meaning ocean and source of life, is renowned for its wonderful garden, grounds and swimming pool, providing a variety of quiet places to relax in and enjoy the “Leve Leve” lifestyle of the island. But it’s when you taste the different dishes and flavours served at Omali’s restaurant that your experience is complete.

SEASONALITY: Open all year.

CHILDREN: All ages welcome.

Omali Lodge

30 Rooms

from € 210 per room per night
Airport Transfers.

HBD Príncipe
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Discover Príncipe

Stay for 7 nights or more at any combination between Sundy Praia and Roça Sundy and save 20% on the accommodation.  Any additional nights at Omali Lodge also receive the 20% savings.

VALID: 15 Feb – 31 Mar, 11 Apr – 30 Jun & 1 Sep – 19 Dec 2023

HBD Príncipe
Featured Journey

Discover Príncipe

Discover Príncipe Island and uncover the wonders and gripping history of the island.

HBD Príncipe

Getting there


Fly to São Tomé Island:

From Lisbon, Portugal: TAP (via Accra) or STP Airways.

From Accra, Ghana: TAP. This connects with several flights out of the USA, Dubai, and other African hubs.

Fly to Príncipe Island:

A domestic flight from São Tomé International Airport to Príncipe Island runs 6 x per week with STP Airways (not available on Tuesdays). This timetable is, however, subject to change and it is advisable to check the timetable before booking.


We do not currently have online availability for HBD Príncipe. Please enquire for availability.



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Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm GMT.