Impact MegaFam

A dynamic environment committed to Africa's future through an IMPACT MegaFam & Workshop for like-minded hotels, lodges, and travel partners supporting Visionary independent businesses, seeking Authentic and Sustainable experiences within a Trusted partnership.

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Impact MegaFam 2025

We initially believed this would be the grand finale of all MegaFams, but thanks to a unanimous 'yes' vote, we're thrilled to announce that IMPACT MegaFam 2025 is now officially confirmed and set in motion. If you're enthusiastic about taking part in one of the 2025 trips and the workshop, kindly get in touch with Lauren to have your details added to our database. By doing so, you'll be among the first to receive the latest updates as we embark on this thrilling journey.

IMPACT MegaFam 2025 is exclusively reserved for key partners who are committed to supporting a bednight revenue target through new bookings. These partners allocate up to 2 weeks of their time in Sept/Oct 2025 to head on out Fam trips as well as share feedback and learn about all product partners at the final workshop.