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A pioneering collective of owner-run safari camps and expeditions operating in remote parts of Africa

These experiences are best suited to travellers who truly understand and value the concept of wild and immersive journeys. The luxury offered is access to extraordinary places and experiences that are only available to a few discerning travellers each year.

LALE'S CAMP - the ultimate cultural immersion

An idyllic and ultra-remote encampment of seven comfortable en-suite Meru tents under the cooling shade of tamarind trees on the banks of the Omo River, Lale’s Camp was co-founded more than two decades ago by the legendary guide Lale Birwa. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it in Ethiopia.

An ethnic Kara from the neighbouring village of Dus, Lale is fluent in many of the tribal languages of the Lower Omo and, from this comfortable base in Ethiopia’s cultural melting pot, excursions are made to isolated villages of Kara, Hamer and Mursi people. Remote from the main tourist circuit, guests at Lale’s are the only foreigners who visit the area, making Lale’s Camp a unique place and experience.

Wild Expeditions experiences are united by passionate founders who share 3 fundamental beliefs: 

Firstlythat ecotourism, as a central pivot of the wildlife economy, is a critically important driver of African conservation. 

Secondly, rural people (often neighbours or owners of conservation areas) are a vital part of modern conservation. 

Thirdly, the planet, its ecosystem services and its biodiversity are a shared natural heritage and an understanding of, and connection with, nature is necessary for the future of the human race.

The future of Africa’s wildest places and traditional tribes increasingly requires conscious and intrepid travellers seeking these bucket list journeys, together with brave stakeholders who are committed to providing meaningful and immersive travel experiences.  

We invite you to take a Wild Expedition.



Lale’s Camp:
Exclusive use rate from US$ 760 per person per night.


Lale’s Camp:
10+ years


Lale’s Camp Fly:
Daily scheduled flight from Addis Ababa to Jinka & road/boat to camp

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

What we love

Classic Portfolio Since 1993


The most authentic low impact way to experience the cultural tribes of the lower Omo Valley (Kara, Hamer, Mursi)


Stay longer and explore the Omo River by boat, fly-camping along the way and encountering different tribes.


Encounter unusual wildlife species and rare cultures in a truly remote area where traditional values are honoured in the face of modern life.


Discover far flung Ethiopia with fixed wing or heli flights to the Bale Mountains to view Ethiopian wolves. WATCH THIS SPACE: Gambella, Aledeghi, Simiens

Wild Expeditions | Lale’s Camp & Expeditions

The impact of your stay

In the case of Ethiopia and Madagascar, Wild Expeditions Africa operates in some of the more remote and least-established destinations on the African continent. The positive impact of a viable ecotourism operation existing in areas like these on both biodiversity conservation and community engagement cannot be under-estimated. This is precisely why Wild Expeditions do operate where they do. Every guest who stays with Wild Expeditions contributes to the cause and these positive impacts simply by choosing to travel with them.

Every stay contributes through:

Some of the more tangible outputs of this contribution are outlined as follows:

  • The existence of Lale’s Camp enables the protection of approximately 400ha of land along 9,5km of Omo riverbank. This prevents overgrazing and deforestation and allows the continued existence of habitat for 5 different primate species.
  • Cultural tourism conducted ethically and responsibly has the power to celebrate and entrench traditional culture on the terms of the owners of that culture themselves. Lale’s Camp do this in partnership with the local Kara, Hamar and Mursi communities.


Classic Portfolio Since 1993



Wild Expeditions | Lale’s Camp & Expeditions
Camps & Lodge

Discover the Omo Valley

Lower Omo Valley

Lale's Camp

Located on a sinuous bend of the lower Omo River in southern Ethiopia, Lale’s Camp.

A comfortable dining and lounge tent, or mess, is the central point of Lale’s Camp. Meals are taken here or outdoors around the fire.

Carefully spaced along the high banks of the Omo River on either side of the main area are seven large, spacious Meru tents. En-suite, with flush toilets and traditional safari showers, each tent is carefully positioned in the deepest shade of this special patch of riverine forest. Gauze panels serve as ‘windows’, maximising the through draft and ensuring our guests are immersed in nature and can hear all the sounds of the night.

The nearby Kara village of Dus (one of just three villages belonging to the Kara people) is only a few minutes’ walk away, with some isolated Hamar settlements further afield.


  • This is the most authentic low impact way to experience the tribal cultures of the lower Omo Valley (Kara, Hamer, Mursi).
  • The whole joureny is integrated into, and benefitting, the local Kara community.
  • On each trip guests also have the opportunity to encounter unusual wildlife species as well as traditional cultures in a truly remote and disconnected region.

SEASONALITY: Closed annually in April.

CHILDREN: 10+ years and older welcome.

Lale's Camp

7 Tents
exclusive use only
min 2 guests, max 12 guests
Minimum stay 3 nights

from US$ 760 per person per night
All meals and drinks
Various cultural interactions
Boat cruises
Fly Camping
Airstrip transfers
Mobile phone signal


Expedition Ethiopian Wolf

exclusive use only
min 2, max 8 guests
Minimum stay 3 nights

from US$ 875 per person per night
Accommodation, meals and drinks
Road transfers from and to Robe
All expedition activities
All community and park fees
Mobile phone signal

Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Wolf

The Ethiopian Highlands, and the Ethiopian Wolf and other endemic fauna and flora that survive there, are relics of a long-forgotten age.

Isolated islands in the sky harbour the last populations of this striking and charismatic creature (at any one time the global population is between 250 and 500 animals). Like these ‘red jackals’, just about everything up here – plants, birds, mammals, scenery – is different from the rest of Africa. The age of the landscape, the solitude, and the unique environment cannot fail to make an impact on you.

On this expedition, as we search for wolves, we explore all of the accessible parts of the Bale ecosystem – from the grasslands at Gaysay, to the juniper woodlands at Dinsho, the plateau at Sanetti and more – in search of other species like Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck and the Bale Monkey, not to mention birds like Blue-winged Goose and a veritable feast of raptors.


  • Privileged private viewing of Ethiopian wolves in their highest density areas;
  • Exceptional Afro-alpine ecosystem and solitude;
  • High quality viewing of large mammal endemics like Mountain Nyala and Menelik’s Bushbuck, as well as Giant Mole-Rat, myriad endemic birds and otherworldly plants like Giant Lobelia.

START & END: Private charter access to Robe airstrip followed by a 50km drive to camp.

SEASONALITY: Due to rainfall this expedition is not operated over the months of May, June, July and August.

CHILDREN: 10+ are welcome as long as they have an adventurous spirit, can keep an open mind and will be happy to stay off a mobile device.

Expedition Danakil Depression

exclusive use only
min 2, max 8 guests
Minimum stay 3 nights

from US$ 1 018 per person per night
Accommodation, meals and drinks
Road transfers from and to either/both Semera and Mekele airports
All expedition activities
All community and park fees
Mobile phone signal

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Danakil Depression

Together with Africa’s highest peaks, Ethiopia is also home to one of the lowest altitude areas on the planet, the Danakil Depression … an area lying at the junction of three tectonic plates and the northernmost point of Africa’s Great Rift. Scorching hot, achingly barren and climatically inhospitable, this harsh terrain is not for everyone. It is however utterly spectacular, both in terms of landscape as well as culture, and the effort to reach it is well worthwhile. The garish multicoloured thermal springs at Dallol, the molten lava lake of the active Erta Ale volcano and the hypersaline lake at Afrera are all unique.

At more than 100m below sea level at its lowest points, the Danakil is surreal not just in terms of its otherworldly appearance but also in terms of the existence of a centuries old salt trade and camel caravans that carry salt tablets for trading in small towns to the west. Wild Expeditions cannot promise comfort here but they do promise adventure and reflection.


  • Spectacular geological and geothermal formations and processes including an active lava lake;
  • The forced reflection imposed on you by one of the most inhospitable parts of the planet;
  • Because there is nowhere else on earth quite like this!

TART & END: Arrive with scheduled flight access from Addis to Mek’ele. Depart from Semera on a scheduled flight to Addis.  

SEASONALITY: Due to high ambient temperatures Danakil is not operated over the months of May, June, July and August.

CHILDREN: 10+ are welcome as long as they have an adventurous spirit, can keep an open mind and will be happy to stay off a mobile device.

Wild Expeditions | Lale’s Camp & Expeditions

Free Flight Combo

Stay 3 nights or more at each Camp Hwange and Fothergill and receive a free one-way Mack Air flight from Hwange to Fothergill.

Min 2 guests.

Valid: until Nov 2023 & 1 Apr – 30 Nov 2024

Wild Expeditions | Lale’s Camp & Expeditions
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Wild Expeditions | Lale’s Camp & Expeditions
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Getting there


As one of Africa’s most well serviced airports, access to Addis Ababa is easy and affordable from most places in the world. 

Serviced by Ethiopian Airways, Qatar, EgyptAir, Kenyan Airways, RwandAir and Turkish Airlines. 

Domestic connections are good.


Getting to Lale's Camp

FLY, drive & boat

Daily seat rate on scheduled flight between Addis Ababa and Jinka (2hrs). Meet the team from Lale’s Camp and embark on a  a guided road transfer (4-5 hours) followed by a boat transfer (30-40 mins) up on Omo River into camp.


Private charter between Addis Ababa and Murule Airstrip (1hr30mins) followed by a boat transfer (30-40 mins) up the Omo River into camp.


Getting to Ethiopian Wolves

FLY & drive

ARRIVE: Private charter flight from Addis Ababa (50 minutes) or Lale’s Camp to the small town of Robe on the edge of the Bale Mountains massif.  Meet the Wild Expeditions guide and vehicle and drive 50kms through the rural countryside to the valley where the camp has been set up.

DEPART: Back to Robe to connect with an onward charter flight.


Getting to Danakil Expedition

FLY & drive

ARRIVE: Connect with a scheduled flight between Addis Ababa and the small town of Mek’ele in northern Ethiopia (1hr). Mek’ele is 2,200m above sea level and here you meet the team from Wild Expeditions. Begin the fascinating guided road transfer (4-5 hours) as you head 200km eastwards down the escarpment and into the desert of the Danakil Depression to where the camp is set up.

DEPART: Either back to Mek’ele or if the full expedition is being done, then the trip ends on the southern section of the Depression in the small town on Semera. Here you connect with scheduled flights to Addis Ababa.




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