Wild Expeditions – Masoala Forest Lodge

Masoala National Park, MADAGASCAR

Wild Expeditions is a pioneering collective of owner-run safari camps and expeditions operating in remote parts of Africa

These experiences are best suited to travellers who truly understand and value the concept of wild and immersive journeys. The luxury offered is access to extraordinary places and experiences that are only available to a few discerning travellers each year.

COMPREHENSIVE mini-Madagascar experience

The Masoala Peninsula cradles Madagascar’s largest remaining expanse of lowland rainforest, a sanctuary of biodiversity and endemism. Accessible solely by boat, Masoala Forest Lodge stands as a castaway retreat meticulously crafted over two decades by modern-day adventurers, Pierre and Maria Bester. Its seven tented rooms perch on timber decks, gazing through the tropical foliage directly onto the golden beach.

The rhythmic lull of the ocean on the sheltered beach guides you into peaceful slumber, while time takes on a fluid quality as you immerse yourself in nature. Here, you witness the extraordinary marvel of Madagascar, gradually forgetting the notion of ever donning shoes.

Masoala boasts unparalleled biodiversity and endemism, housing iconic species like the Red Ruffed Lemur, White-fronted Lemur, and Helmet Vanga, found exclusively on this island. Unveil the secrets of this distinctive destination over a 7+ night stay, embracing an immersive, diverse, and culturally enriching adventure—a true one-stop mini-Madagascar experience.

The future of Africa’s untamed landscapes and indigenous tribes relies on conscious and intrepid travellers in pursuit of these bucket-list odysseys. Together with bold stakeholders committed to delivering meaningful and immersive travel, we extend an invitation to embark on a Wild Expedition.



Minimum stay 3 nights from EUR 1 870 to recommended stay of 7 nights EUR 3 140 per person per fully inclusive package adventure.


This is an experiences that is perfectly suited to all ages


Seat rate charter from Antananarivo to Maroantsetra on Sunday & Wednesday followed by a boat journey to camp.

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

What we love

Classic Portfolio Since 1993


Masoala National Park is the islands last remaining intact rainforest and largest national park.


Exceptional biodiversity and endemism with flagship charismatic species like red ruffed lemur, white fronted brown lemur and helmet vanga found nowhere else on the island.


Pristine private beaches where the rainforest comes down to the sea.


Fixed arrivals on Sunday/Wednesday for the 7-, 10, 11-night adventures with an add-on to the most remote eastern edge where you discover the Blue Lagoon.

Wild Expeditions – Masoala Forest Lodge

The impact of your stay

In the case of Ethiopia and Madagascar, Wild Expeditions Africa operates in some of the more remote and least-established destinations on the African continent. The positive impact of a viable ecotourism operation existing in areas like these on both biodiversity conservation and community engagement cannot be under-estimated. This is precisely why Wild Expeditions do operate where they do. Every guest who stays with Wild Expeditions contributes to the cause and these positive impacts simply by choosing to travel with them.

Every stay contributes through:

Some of the more tangible outputs of this contribution are outlined as follows:

  • Masoala Forest Lodge is the largest tourism contributor to the operational costs of Masoala National Park, through park fees paid by every guest.
  • Surplus revenue generated by the lodge has been dedicated to either buying or leasing land that has created a buffer zone of some 83ha of coastal rainforest that was under threat from deforestation. No fewer than 10 lemur species have been recorded here. 
  • In the small local village of Ambodiforaha, Masoala Lodge has focused efforts on education and women’s empowerment.


Classic Portfolio Since 1993



Wild Expeditions – Masoala Forest Lodge
Camps & Lodge

Forest meets ocean


Masoala Forest Lodge

The seven rooms are traditional African safari tents, built on raised stilted decks within the forest canopy and overlooking the beach. The cool breeze off the ocean or through the rainforest acts as natural air conditioning with the tents and their gauze windows oriented for maximum through drafts. Lying in bed and listening to the gentle wash of the ocean on the golden beach below, or the rustling of rainforest leaves cannot help but let you leave the frenetic energy of the city behind.

A central ‘beach house’ is where lunches and dinners are served and where you’ll find comfortable chairs and a well-stocked natural history library. The ‘sea deck’ overlooks a little bay and is where breakfast and afternoon tea are served.


  • Madagascar’s largest remaining intact rainforest and largest national park;
  • Exceptional biodiversity and endemism with flagship charismatic species like Red Ruffed Lemur, White-fronted Lemur and Helmet Vanga found nowhere else on the island;
  • Pristine private beaches where the rainforest comes down to the sea.

Arrivals are on Sundays for the 3-, 7-, and 10-night adventures, and Wednesdays for the 4-, 7-, and 11-night adventures only.

SEASONALITY: Closed annually from mid-Jan to mid-April.

CHILDREN: All ages welcome.

Masoala Forest Lodge

7 Treehouses
Sunday & wednesday fixed arrivals
minimum stay 3 nights

from EURO 1 870 per person per package
All meals and drinks
Day & night forest walks
Snorkelling and kayaking
Traditional Pirogues
Whale watching (seasonal mid June - mid Sept)
Interactions with the local Malagasy
Road and boat transfers to lodge
WiFi (limited)
Mobile phone signal

Expedition Blue Lagoon

exclusive use only
min 2, max 6 guests
Available on 10 or 11 night stays

from EURO 4 560 per person for 10 nights
Accommodation, meals and drinks
Transfers between Maroantsetra, Masoala Forest Lodge & Blue Lagoon
All expedition activities
All community and park fees
WiFi (limited)
Mobile phone signal

Masoala, Madagascar

Expedition Blue Lagoon

Powdery white beaches, palm trees and impossibly blue waters dominate everyone’s imagination of tropical island escapes. Even better if there is no one else there.

This is the case at Cap Masoala, the destination of our Blue Lagoon Expedition, where time might as well have stood still for the past few hundred years. Rural people survive here on a subsistence lifestyle and over the past 20 years have accepted us and our guests as part of the community.

On this expedition you combine the core area of Masoala rainforest with exploring the Blue Lagoon, its beaches, fringing reefs and offshore islets by kayak and by outrigger pirogue, walking the shores and snorkelling the coves while still finding time for night walks in search of lemurs and sundowners on old crumbling colonial lighthouses. Simple food, fresh air and midday siestas in shady hammocks are the order of the day.


  • One of the greatest luxuries in the modern world is space and the ability to experience the planet as it was hundreds of years ago;
  • Kilometres of white sand beaches, calm, warm waters, fringing reefs, offshore islets, mangrove rivers and coastal forests;
  • The knowledge that the closest fellow tourist is at least 40km away.

START & END: Maroantsetra: Sundays for the 10-night adventure / Wednesdays for the 11-night adventure

SEASONALITY: Closed annually from mid-Jan to mid-April.

CHILDREN: All ages welcome.

Wild Expeditions – Masoala Forest Lodge

Honeymoon Offer

Honeymooners enjoy a discounted rate on the 7 night package at Masoala Forest Lodge, plus receive a private romantic dinner, a complimentary bottle of wine, and a complimentary massage for both the bride and groom.

Valid: All season 2024

Wild Expeditions – Masoala Forest Lodge
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Magnificent Madagascar

Explore untouched beaches and forests that feel as if time has stood still for a few hundred years.


Getting to Masoala Forest Lodge


As an ex French colony flight access from Europe is best via France. 

Antananarivo is serviced by Air France, Ethiopian Airways, Kenyan Airways, Airlink (from Johannesburg) and Air Madagascar.

Domestic connections are limited.


Easy access from Antananarivo. 

Scheduled charter flights every Sunday and Wednesday with seat rates between Antananarivo and Maroantsetra. 

Meet the team from Masoala Forest Lodge followed by a short road transfer (20 mins) to the ocean and a very scenic 2 hour boat transfer to Masoala Forest Lodge.




+27 71 359 8322

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.