Dunes, Falls & Elephants


STARTS: Windhoek | ENDS: Vic Falls

Over the course of 11 nights, this itinerary flawlessly integrates the captivating dunes of Namibrand Nature Reserve in Namibia with the incomparable marvels and wildlife of Zimbabwe, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable adventure.

Arrive at Windhoek International Airport WDH.

Scheduled flight from Windhoek International Airport WDH to Keerweder Airstrip FYRW.
Suggested flight - Depart: WDH on FLYNAMIBIA 09:40 | Arrive: FYRW 10:30.
(Frequency: All Year: Mo/We/Fr/Sa). This itinerary: Fr/Mo.

45 min road transfer to camp at Wolwedans Collection. Early lunch included for fly-in guests.


Wolwedans Collection

3 Nights

Wolwedans is more than camps; it’s a dream collection committed to sustainability in Namibia’s NamibRand Nature Reserve. Founded by Albi Brückner, it prioritizes happiness over profit, balance in business, and sustainability across conservation, commerce, community, culture, and consciousness. With two camps, one lodge, an exclusive suite, and a private camp, Wolwedans invites guests to experience the ancient energy of the NamibRand through scenic drives, e-bike adventures, and unforgettable sundowners.

Fly with private charter (avoids the overnight in Windhoek) from Wolwedans Airstrip to Windhoek International Airport WDH.
Suggested flight - Depart: Wolwedans Airstrip on SCENIC AIR | Arrive: WDH.

Sheduled flight from Windhoek International Airport WDH to Victoria Falls Airport VFA.
Suggested flight - Depart: WDH on FLYNAMIBIA 10:15 | Arrive: VFA 11:45.
(Frequency: All Year: Tue, Thu & Sat).

Road transfer to Victoria Falls.

2 nights in Victoria Falls. Numerous hotel options available.

Road transfer to Victoria Falls Airport VFA.

Sheduled flight from Victoria Falls Airport VFA to Shumba Airstrip.
Suggested flight - Depart: VFA on MACK AIR 10:15 (Group A) | Arrive: Shumba Airstrip 11:45.
(Frequency: All Year: Tue, Thu & Sat).

15 min game drive transfer to Camp Hwange.


Wild Expeditions | Camp Hwange


Experience authentic and connected safaris at Camp Hwange. Founded in 2010 by a renowned Zimbabwean guide, our rustic camp offers eight canvas-walled units overlooking natural waterholes in Hwange National Park. With a strategic location between mopane woodlands and teak forests, diverse game viewing is guaranteed year-round. Join us for guided experiences focused on walking and tracking, catering to conscious travelers seeking immersive journeys. As part of Wild Expeditions, we provide luxury access to extraordinary experiences, exclusive to a select few discerning travelers each year.

15 min game drive transfer to Shumba Airstrip.

Scheduled flight from Shumba Airstrip to Fothergill Airstrip.
Suggested flight - Depart: Shumba Airstrip on MACKAIR (Group C) | Arrive: Fothergill Airstrip.
(Frequency: Seasonal April-Nov: daily.)

3 min road transfer to Fothergill.



3 Nights

Experience the extraordinary at Fothergill, a safari oasis nestled between Hwange National Park and Mana Pools. Named after Rupert Fothergill, the visionary behind Operation Noah, our unique water and land-based safari promises unparalleled adventure. Operation Noah, conducted between 1959 and 1964, rescued over 6,000 animals stranded by rising water levels caused by the Kariba dam. Today, Fothergill is a designated concession within Matusadona National Park, offering diverse safari activities amidst a kilometer-wide shoreline frequented by elephants, buffalo, and plains game. From big game walking to fishing and river exploring, our experiences cater to active and adventurous travelers seeking unforgettable encounters with Africa’s wildlife.

3 min road transfer to Fothergill Airstrip.

Scheduled flight from Fothergill Airstrip to Victoria Falls Airport VFA.
Suggested flight: Depart: Fothergill Airstrip on MACKAIR (Group C) | Arrive: Victoria Falls Airport VFA.
(Frequency: Seasonal April-Nov: daily).

Connect with numerous onward flights.

This itinerary seamlessly combines Namibia's mesmerizing Namibrand Nature Reserve dunes with Zimbabwe's unparalleled wonders and wildlife, offering an immersive expedition.

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