Blue Safari Seychelles


3 unique lodges and numerous marine experiences in one of the most pristine places on the planet.

Here you head to the edge of the world and immerse yourself in a marine safari like no other with exceptional scuba diving, snorkelling, world-renowned fly-fishing and so much more.


Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean in one of the last untouched frontiers, Blue Safari Seychelles pioneers a new style of experiential travel while actively conserving this pristine region. Of the 72 islands and atolls that form the remote outer islands, they have selected the most enchanting four as their base. 

Overlooking picture-perfect beaches, fringed by tropical foliage and with not another soul in sight, each of the Blue Safari atolls‘ lodges are wonderfully individual and completely immersed in the natural surroundings of the Outer Islands.

The heart of the operations, Alphonse Island, features a beautiful lodge and is an hours flight from Mahe. From here you access the even more remote Astove Coral House and Cosmoledo Eco-camp on the far western atolls of Astove and Cosmoledo.  This is truly where nature meets sustainable hospitality.

Blue Safari Seychelles is owned by Murray Collins, Keith Rose-Innes, and Devan van der Merwe, all avid fishermen who have put their heart and soul into this exceptional experience.



Bungalows, Villas, Coral House Rooms, & Eco Pods:
US$ 995 – US$ 1 515
per person per night

Beach Retreats:
US$ 9 570 – US$ 10 290
per villa per night


1 hour scheduled flight from Mahe to Alphonse, Sat and select Wed. 

1.5 hour flight Alphonse to Astove.

1 hour boat ride Astove to Cosmoledo. 


Alphonse Island:
All ages

Astove & Cosmoledo:
6 years+

This is paradise on steriods for families. Alphonse Island is highly recommended. 

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

What we love

Classic Portfolio Since 1993

Vast playground

3 unique lodges and numerous marine experiences in 22 million hectares of ocean wilderness.


On the edge of the world, immerse yourself in a marine safari like no other with exceptional scuba diving, snorkelling, world-renowned fly-fishing and so much more.


Discover a fantastic variety and density of flying, swimming and walking species above and below the ocean surface.

Stewards of the outer islands

Working together with various partners to pioneer conservation and eco-tourism in the remote outer islands.

Blue Safari Seychelles

The impact of your stay

Blue Safari works together with various partners to pioneer conservation in the outer islands. Their philosophy is to promote the biome’s conservation in harmony with low impact human development and ecotourism.

Every stay contributes through:

  • Paying US$ 30 per person per night to the Island Conservation Society (ICS).
  • Supporting ICS ensures key aspects of the ecosystem are well maintained and cared for. Without their sound knowledge, the ecosystem on the atoll would not be what it is today. 
  • Getting involved with the ICS team through activities such as turtle patrol, beach clean ups, giant tortoise feeding, monitoring of sea birds and waders, monitoring manta rays and removing Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) from the ocean  
  • Practising sustainable fishing practices through recording fish caught for consumption and monitoring species on a catch & release basis, as well as supporting the Giant Trevally Tracking project.
  • Attending the weekly ICS presentation which provides progress updates and discussion of environmental topics.
  • Purchasing books, souvenirs and T-shirts from the ICS centre or the Alphonse Boutique, with the proceeds providing further financial support to the conservation efforts.


Classic Portfolio Since 1993


Blue Safari Seychelles

In a vast ocean


Alphonse Island Lodge

An hour’s flight from Mahé, you land on a discreet island haven covered in coconut palms and tropical flora. With miles of unblemished shorelines, lagoons, and sea flats, Alphonse Island truly is paradise in the Outer Islands and is the headquarters of Blue Safari Seychelles.

With 22 Beach Bungalows, 5 Beach Villas (1-bedroom villas) and 2 Beach Retreats (4-bedroom villas), and welcoming children of all ages, this is family paradise. Enjoy a private family snorkel or plant a tree, giving it your family name. Visit the uninhabited islands of Bijoutier and St Francois, explore Alphonse Island by bicycle, or enjoy a secluded picnic on the beach.

Additional activities include: scuba diving, guided fishing, all motorised experiences.

SEASONALITY: Open all year

CHILDREN: All ages

Alphonse Island Lodge

22 Beach Bungalows,
5 beach villas &
2 Beach Retreats

from US$ 995 per person per night
All meals, water, tea & coffee
Non-motorised and land-based activities
Scheduled communal excursions
House reef snorkelling, SUPs, kayaks
Bikes for island transport


Astove Coral House

From Alphonse you hop on the plane southwestward and a 2-hour flight later you are on Astove Atoll. Stay in the 6-bedroom Astove Coral House and here truly incredible snorkelling experiences await.

The “Wall” is a breathtakingly beautiful sheer drop and is best described as looking down into an underwater Grand Canyon. The reef starts on the flat and then drops a vertical 90 degrees from ankle-deep water to more than 1 000 metres over a short distance. The “Wall” is known as one of the best snorkelling and dive sites on this planet.

The terrain varies from hostile shore breaks on the windward side, to flat calm coral flats on the outside and snow-white sand flats inside the lagoon. This unique lagoon system is home to countless aquatic seabirds as well as the Caspian turn, dimorphic egret and red-tailed tropic bird along with a population of over 150 giant Aldabra tortoises.

SEASONALITY: Closed May – October

CHILDREN: 6+ years

Astove Coral House

6 bedrooms

from US$ 990 per person per night
All meals, water, tea & coffee
Non-motorised and land-based activities
Scheduled communal excursions
House reef snorkelling, SUPs, kayaks
Drive around Astove in an ATV
WiFi (not available)


Cosmoledo Eco Camp

Just over 1,000 km southwest of Mahé lies Cosmoledo Atoll, 15 minutes by islander plane from Astove.

The habitat of Cosmoledo comprises a larger white sand lagoon surrounded by vast sand flats dotted with over 20 islands, islets, and cays of various shapes and sizes. Mangroves, grassland and a dramatically fluctuating lagoon make up the rest of this diverse atoll. The remote location makes Cosmoledo a place of wild natural splendour. This unique combination creates a hotspot of biodiversity. The atoll, with its scattered islands, is home to large populations of endemic birds like boobies, terns, and frigate birds. The lagoon and its sandy beaches are favoured by large populations of hawksbill and green turtles for nesting and a host of feisty fish species on the flats.

Here, on Wizard Island (or Grande Isle) is just one Eco Camp where nature meets creative and eco-friendly hospitality. The Camp consists of eight double/twin en-suite Eco Pods with a central communal dining and entertainment area – large tent with bare sand floors.

SEASONALITY: Closed May – October

CHILDREN: 6+ years

Cosmoledo Eco Camp

8 Eco pods

from US$ 1 100 per person per night
All meals, water, tea & coffee
Guided snorkelling, SUP and kayaking
Scuba diving (additional)
Fly fishing (additional)
Guided walk around Wizard Island
WiFi (not available)

Blue Safari Seychelles

Stay 7, Pay 5

Immerse into island life on Alphonse with a 7-night stay and only pay 5-nights. 

VALID: May through September 2024 with flight arrivals every Saturday. 

Blue Safari Seychelles
featured journey

Blue Safari Immersion

Our island escape allows you to explore the vast ocean while diving, snorkelling, or fishing, head out on a gentle bike ride around the island, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment. This journey starts and ends in Mahé.

Blue Safari Seychelles

Getting there


Arrive at Seychelles International Airport on Mahé.  A night on the main island is often required before and after connecting to the Outer Islands.

Blue Safari Seychelles offer all the on-ground support services with meet & greet, road transfers and hotel bookings on Mahé.


Getting to Alphonse Island



1-hour flight, every Saturday (all year) and selected Wednesdays (between Sept and May)


Check-in 1½ hours prior to flight departures. Luggage on inter-island charter flights is strictly limited to 15kg/33lb per person, and 5kg/11lb carry-on luggage.

On request, the Blue Safari Team in Mahé will assist with the storage of excess luggage while you are on Alphonse, Astove or Cosmoledo.


Getting to Astove Atoll



3-hour flight via Alphonse, Thursdays and Mondays during operating season 


1.5-hour flight, Thursdays and Mondays during operating season.

Operating Season: November to April

NOTE luggage restrictions as per Alphonse flights


Getting to Cosmoledo


Access from Astove, please refer to above details.


1-hr boat ride, Thursdays and Mondays during operating season.

Operating Season: November to April

NOTE luggage restrictions as per Alphonse flights


We do not currently have online availability for Blue Safari Seychelles due to the complexity of flight access. Please contact us to enquire.

For full DMC assistance, please contact



+248 422 97 00 / +248 422 90 30

+27 76 019 1218 / +27 76 895 3689

Office Hours:
Daily 8am – 5pm. Based in Seychelles.